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Social Media Strategy

As a highly-trained and well-versed social media strategist, I strongly believe social media is both the most efficient and most cost efficient way to market your brand. Through more direct connection and communication with a brand, consumers are given a greater opportunity to build true connection with products and people.

Most people know that social media has a whole new level of marketing power that we haven’t experienced as humans before, but not many truly know how to use its’ full capacity to their benefit. It’s worth it, but it can feel really daunting alone.

Let me help you get there. 

I offer all-encompassing social media services, starting from capturing the captivating photo all the way through to building your engagement though audience and algorithm-pleasing posts. As  a business, I know you are busy. Let me be your teammate and help you build your online presence.

Below is an example of a social media account that I have helped create content for, as well as designed for; start to finish.


Watermark + post


Initial image


Feed Grid

See my most recent favorite post:

While Digital Content Editor for The Agriculturist at Texas Tech, I wanted to create a video where readers could see exactly who is behind the stories inside of our magazine. Multiple voices, one message.

Click the button below to check out the finished product.

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