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As a current Texas resident and California native, Emma has had the opportunity to see business and agriculture in a multitude of incredibly unique scenarios. Originally from Bakersfield, California, a large city with strong agricultural roots, she has seen first hand what it takes to create the right opportunity for people to experience and feel sectors they haven’t encountered previously.

Emma has backgrounds in a variety of areas including commercial and film production and acting as well as rodeo and livestock showing. With a vast network and an appreciation for every side of life, Emma has ample experience in curating and clearly communicating a narrative full of truth and transparency.

Since entering college, Emma has taken courses in graphic design, social media marketing and influencing, writing, photography, and beyond with careful considerations of the future in mind. She is driven and creative-minded to her core and it radiates through each of these areas with solutions and design unlike any others.

Emma truly believes agriculture has one of the most powerful, unique, and untold stories. She is prepared and equipped to tell the story of feeding our world with emotion and conviction, as well as fact and history. As a true teammate, she prides herself on being an individual that will start and finish with you and will continue until the job is done well. Emma is excited and motivated by uplifting others and their stories to help them reach their dreams.


Whether she is outside or in an office, in a truck or on horse-back, at a small family ranch or a large rodeo, Emma is eager to help you tell your story, your way.

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